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Organization Tips

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Organization is a skill we all need to learn and master.  When we are clean and organized, we don’t have to worry about things getting broken, lost or misplaced.  Now, I am not saying that you need to hire Cleanroom certification companies to come in and make your home or office hospital safe, but you … Continue Reading

Teeth cleaning bellevue

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleanings

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When you visit the dentist, the first thing they do is assess your teeth and perform a cleaning. Professional cleanings can only be done in dental offices using specific tools that are designed to remove bacteria from the mouth and prevent it from returning. However, many dental patients have not visited their local dentist and … Continue Reading

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All The Things A Family Dentist Can Do

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Never mind those things, those subtle, intimate and spiritual things that keep decent families together, through thick and thin. Let’s also talk about the practical and healthy things good families will be doing to stay together, strong and true, right beyond those pivotal years when the kids have finished college, flown the coop and gone … Continue Reading

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Great Skin Care

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You love your skin and you take care of it the best way you can. At the same time, you have found that certain products cause you problems while others do not. Then there is the issue of animal testing and unnatural ingredients as well. You want to steer clear of all the harmful or … Continue Reading

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Transitioning from Recovery

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You did it. You went through drug and alcohol recovery and you made it to the other side. Now you need to transition to real life again and you need a good place to live. You will find transitional housing options in your area that will get you back into life the way you want … Continue Reading

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Time for Dental Surgery

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It is never that much fun to find out that you need to have surgery when you have an issue. Sure, you would rather it be an easier situation but it simply is not and you know it. Dental surgery can be one of the most daunting things to deal with but you have to … Continue Reading