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All The Things A Family Dentist Can Do

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Never mind those things, those subtle, intimate and spiritual things that keep decent families together, through thick and thin. Let’s also talk about the practical and healthy things good families will be doing to stay together, strong and true, right beyond those pivotal years when the kids have finished college, flown the coop and gone on to feather their own nests. The same family dentistry south gate clinic that you once took your young kids to could be the very same one that your grandkids could be going to.

Back in the day it was said by your family dentist that you should bring your young family over for their annual checkup. Today that no longer suffices. By now, you will know that medicine in general has come a long way. Plenty of water under the bridge and new knowledge and medical discoveries have certainly empowered both doctors and their patients. Because listen to this. The American Dental Association now insists that you should be visiting your dentist at least once every six months for a routine dental exam, as well as teeth cleaning.

So, that equates to going to see the dentist twice a year. And no longer the dentist. People are now going to see the specialist orthodontist as well. It is a step up to be sure. The motivation for such regularity does appear to be sound. It makes sense. Teething problems if you will are detected early and rooted out, if you will, long before they need to degenerate into a full-blown disease, leaving your poor teeth and gums so totally out of control, so much so that they would have to be replaced by…

family dentistry south gate

Wait for it…dentures. Just like grandma and grandpa. Remember that?

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